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S23 – 30 tb/10 mg – Vita Sarm – expires 02/2028 (shipped from Spain)


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S23 is one of the most potent and powerful SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) on the market. S23 is known as a nonsteroidal SARM that has been shown to aid in muscle gain but also fat loss. Like other SARM’s, only certain receptors are bound to, however because S23 is so powerful combined with such a high bioavailability it does have certain drawbacks.

It is not uncommon for inexperienced users to start at a lower dose of 5mg daily, only increasing it after 6 weeks to 10mg daily based on results. More experienced users can opt for higher doses of 30mg daily. You should split your daily dose into 2 servings, as the half life of S23 is 12 hours.