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Cardarine (GW-501616) – 30 tb/10 mg – Vita Sarm – expires 02/2028 (shipped from Spain)


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Cardarine is highly sought after by athletes for its ability to significantly increase endurance. By promoting the use of fat for energy, Cardarine also increases endurance. This is because it allows the body to utilize fat reserves for energy rather than depleting glycogen stores, leading to prolonged periods of high-intensity performance. It promotes the development of type I muscle fibers, which are known for their endurance and resistance to fatigue. This not only supports muscle growth but also enhances muscle strength and performance.

For beginners just starting out with Cardarine, a common dose suggested in fitness circles is between 10mg to 20mg per day. This range is considered to provide the benefits of improved endurance and fat loss, while limiting potential side effects. Beginners are often advised to start on the lower end of this range to gauge their body’s response.

For more experienced users who have a solid understanding of how their body responds to Cardarine, dosages can go up to 20mg-30mg per day. Some fitness enthusiasts report taking higher doses for short periods to achieve specific goals, but this is not generally recommended due to the potential increased risk of side effects.