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Prazosin – 50 tb/2 mg – Sopharma – expires 01/2028 (shipped from Spain)


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Prazosin belongs to the family of medications called antihypertensives, specifically the group known as alpha 1-blockers. It is used to treat mild-to-moderate high blood pressure. It relaxes blood vessels, allowing blood to flow through them more easily.

Prazosin may be used alone or in addition to other medications to treat high blood pressure. Prazosin may start working within 1 day, but it may take up to 14 days.

The recommended starting dose of prazosin for adults is 0.5 mg taken with the evening meal and is increased gradually until the desired effect is achieved. The maximum dose is 20 mg daily, taken in 2 or 3 divided doses with food. Prazosin may be used alone or in combination with other medications for lowering blood pressure.