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The easiest way to think of ephedrine is caffeine’s stronger older brother. By increasing heat expenditure and the metabolic rate of individuals by close to 5%, ephedrine can stimulate the burning of fat mass. Unlike caffeine though, ephedrine does not need exercise to be effective, which is why pairing the two together with exercise is extremely synergetic. To put this effect into perspective, studies consistently showed close to an extra 5 pounds of fat lost over placebo groups (when on a calorie controlled diet) in the span of a month.

Along with this, ephedrine seems to have a pseudo muscle preserving effect while still being able to burn fat, which usually isn’t possible in healthy individuals. It might also be the case that the highly stimulatory effects of ephedrine can help with power output in the gym or on the pavement, especially when combined with caffeine. For all intents and purposes, ephedrine was one of the most potent and effective supplements on the market and can help untrained obese individuals as much as it could help trained athletes.


It is important to start with a small dose of 10 mgs, split into three doses throughout the day (preferably 4-6 hours apart). If you don’t feel much of anything then after a few days (4 or 5) you can double the dose to 20 mgs three times a day. This process can be repeated until you feel alert, have more energy or have less of an appetite and notice a difference in your body through either the mirror or scale. The maximum dose that should be used by even those who handle stimulants very well is no more than 50 mgs three times a day.

How to use:

To increase the effectiveness of ephedrine, caffeine can also be supplemented at the same time (but isn’t required) at the range of 100-200 mgs at the same three times a day. The last ingredient usually added to this fat loss stack is aspirin (commonly known as the E/C/A/ stack), which further helps in the fat burning process but also can help offset some of the side effects.

With safety coming before any kind of performance or fat loss benefits, it is important to know who can supplement with it and how to safely use ephedrine. For any individuals who have a history of heart issues should avoid taking ephedrine as it will raise blood pressure, can cause tachycardia (rapid heart rate) and even heart palpitations among other heart complications for those at risk. For those who have a sensitivity to stimulants might feel nervousness, excessive sweating, anxiety, nausea, and possible tremors. Ephedrine should not be supplemented at all if you are taking any kind of MAOIs, SSRIs, or NDRIs as it could cause a severe negative reaction. Like most supplements you can overdose on ephedrine when taken in too large of doses.