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Humulin-R (regular insulin human injection) 100iu/ml/10ml – Lilly – expires 02/2025 (shipped from Spain)


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Provides a short-acting insulin peak to cover blood sugar increases from meals eaten within 30 minutes

The essential reason why bodybuilders use insulin as part of their workout routine is due to its role in the muscle-building process. This hormone is in fact a protein, formed in the pancreases, acting like a stimulator of muscle growth. Every time you are consuming carbohydrates and proteins, insulin is releases by the organ and becomes part of your blood flow. Its job is to reach all the tissues in your organism so as to aid the increase of the muscle mass. However, in order for its role to be successfully completed, it should enter the cells, but only if the insulin receptors grant its access. Once this hormone enters the tissues, it not only benefits their growth, but it also stimulates the cells to produce proteins that are essential for transforming the amino acids into muscle mass.

The most common method of taking insulin is in the form of an injection. It take approximately fifteen minutes to begin felling its effects and maximum an hour for the hormone to reach its best effect. It’s essential to start using tiny dosages and gradually increase them until you find the one that is compatible to your needs. However, in case of experiencing a blood sugar crash, you should immediately reduce the amount of insulin intake. Furthermore, in order to experience the real benefits of insulin in bodybuilding, you’re required to inject it after completing your workout. Don’t forget to eat a certain amount of carbohydrates following the injection, in order to avoid hypoglycemia. This condition is actually the most common side effect of taking insulin, particularly for non-diabetic people.

In case you start feeling dizzy, extremely hungry or non-energetic following your dosage, either reduce the amount of insulin or cease using it. Whenever you feel these symptoms eat something sweet in order for your blood sugar to go up.