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Actrapid (human insulin rDNA) – 100 iu/ml/10 ml – Novo Nordisk – expires 2026 (shipped from Spain)


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Actrapid is fast-acting human insulin that can be combined with intermediate or long-acting insulin medications. Subcutaneous injections of Actrapid are given in the abdominal wall, gluteal region, thigh, or deltoid region. Only a doctor or nurse can administer Actrapid intravenously. The dose is usually between 0.3 and 1.0 international units per kilogram of body weight per day.

Actrapid is a solution for injection that contains the active substance human insulin. It is available in vials, prefilled pens, or cartridges. Actrapid is used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. This medicine can be used with a prescription only.

Actrapid is human insulin made by recombinant DNA technology. It has a structure and function similar to those of natural insulin. Insulin regulates glucose metabolism, stimulates ingestion, and helps in the utilization of glucose by the liver, muscle, and fat tissue. The replacement insulin acts in the same way as naturally produced insulin.