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HGH Fragment (176-191) – 5 mg – Bio-Peptide – expires 05/2026 (shipped from Spain)

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Human growth hormone fragment 176-191 (HGH-FRAG 176-191) is a synthetic peptide that is identical to the final 16 amino acids of human growth hormone (hGH). This fragment retains a subset of hGH’s well-established effects on fat loss, without the additional unwanted effects linked to the full hGH protein. Although the precise mechanism of action is not clear, HGH-FRAG 176-191 is thought to mimic the lipolytic activity of hGH while leaving other processes normally impacted by hGH unaffected.

HGH-FRAG 176-191 is usually administered at a dosage of 0.25 to 0.5 mg (250-500 mcg) per injection, 1-2 times daily, typically on an empty stomach. One dosing episode is usually 30-60 minutes before cardio training, which may further intensify its fat loss effects. Total daily dosage generally does not exceed 1,000 mcg. Cycles of HGH-FRAG 176-191 usually last 2-3 months, though longer programs are not uncommon.

Some reported side effects of HGH-FRAG 176-191 include headaches, fatigue, hypoglycemia, dizziness, nasopharyngitis, and cough. However, many users report minimal side effects, with injection site reactions being the most common. HGH-FRAG 176-191 has been shown to promote weight loss, prevent weight gain, lower blood sugar levels, fight breast cancer, and reduce damage caused by osteoarthritis. It can induce lipid metabolism and lower blood sugar levels without negatively impacting carbohydrate metabolism or hurting plasma insulin levels.

HGH-FRAG 176-191 is a synthetic peptide derived from human growth hormone that offers potential benefits in fat loss and weight management without causing typical hGH-related side effects. When used responsibly and within recommended dosages, it may provide a useful tool for those seeking to improve their physique and overall health. However, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or treatment regimen.