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BPC-157 – 5mg – Bio-Peptide – expires 05/2026 (shipped from Spain)

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BPC 157 has very positive effects on the muscles, tendons, CNS (central nervous system), and inflammation. It also has a profound impact on wound healing and tissue damage, commonly caused by corticosteroid use. We have also found BPC 157 to have cardioprotective attributes, inducing angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation).

In bodybuilding, BPC 157 is becoming increasingly popular among men and women looking to recover from injuries caused by lifting heavy weights. It also enhances muscle recovery, enabling greater volume and training frequency while reducing pain. With BPC 157 being an anabolic peptide, it may also stimulate subcutaneous fat loss while synergistically increasing muscle hypertrophy and strength.

As with other GH-boosting peptides, we see BPC 157 stimulate collagen synthesis, inducing anti-aging effects. BPC 157 provides significant pain relief due to its increase in dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Scar tissue may also reduce (especially when applied directly to the area) due to it accelerating the body’s healing factor.

However, anecdotally, users are having great success when taking 500–1,000 mcg/day orally. Or 400–600 mcg/day when injected under the skin (around the injured area). Higher dosages can be split in half and thus administered twice a day. Lower dosages can produce very positive effects, in our experience. Thus, higher dosages may only be necessary in extreme cases.