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Cabergoline (Dostinex) – 8 tb/0.5 mg – Pfizer – expires 05/2025 (shipped from Spain)


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The biggest reason why this drug is admired by amateur and professional athletes is because it helps them reduce or eliminate the risks associated with excess prolactin that is common with use of harsh and aromatizable steroids like Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin. Furthermore, this drug is also useful for treating sexual dysfunction caused by excess prolactin besides gaining an erection between orgasms and reducing recovery time after intense workouts or weight training and strength training exercises. In addition to these advantages, the use of Dostinex is equally beneficial to combat estrogenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, gynecomastia, and bloating and treating health complications like galactorrhea and sexual dysfunction. It is also routinely indicated to patients with Parkinson’s disease as it has the potential to work on information pathways and nervous system of the body. Dostinex is also admired for its ability to make athletes feel ‘full’ that helps in minimizing food cravings without dieting discomfort.


Dostinex is neither physically nor mentally addictive and is admired globally for its anti-prolactin, antidepressant, cognitive, and prosexual effects. Use of this drug for a period of six to eight weeks is also associated with a dramatic improvement in sense of well being and invincibility. Ideally, the recommended dose of Dostinex is 0.5 mg a week with a glass full of water. It is very important to realize that Dostinex (Cabergoline) is an extremely potent drug and should be used only after receiving a prescription from a medical practitioner. The practitioner may suggest cardiovascular evaluation and echocardiography to evaluate valvular disease before recommending this drug.

How to use:

Dostinex is also admired by some sportsmen for its unique ability to improve memory and help in processing information more quickly. It is also admired for its potential of helping users learn new motor skills in a short span of time besides helping them learn new strategies or techniques to gain a big lead over competitors. The drug is also recommended to patients struggling with Parkinson’s disease because of its abilities of working on information pathways and nervous system of the body.

The drug is also a hit with sportsmen who want to feel “full” more often and reduce cravings for food without feeling the discomfort that dieting usually brings and this is the biggest reason why the drug is popular among pre-contest bodybuilders and other dieters who want to avoid anxiety and discomfort associated with calorie restrictions. Furthermore, the drug is neither physically nor mentally addictive and one of the best drugs when it comes to promoting positive sense of well being.