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Rapamune (sirolimus) – 10 tb/1 mg – Pfizer – expires 03/2026 (shipped from Spain)


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Sirolimus is an immunosuppressant agent. It is normally used along with corticosteroid medications and cyclosporine to prevent the rejection of kidney organ transplants. Together, these medications suppress (decrease) the body’s natural defense, the immune system. Sirolimus works by preventing the formation of cells (white blood cells) that would normally attack the transplanted organ.

Sirolimus is normally started as soon as possible after transplant. The dose prescribed will depend on your situation. The recommended first dose of sirolimus for new transplant recipients is 6 mg followed by a regular dose of 2 mg daily. For people who have previously had a transplant rejection or are at high risk of rejecting the transplant, the first dose is often 15 mg with a regular dose of 5 mg per day. Sirolimus is normally given along with cyclosporine and corticosteroids. Sirolimus should be taken approximately 4 hours after the cyclosporine.