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Aromasin (Exemestane) – 60 tb/25 mg – Bioniche – expires 11/2026 (shipped from Spain)


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Aromasin is an extremely effective and very potent aromatase inhibitor, with a wide variety of application in terms of Estrogen control. As an aromatase inhibitor, it holds the ability to exert control over literally all of the potential Estrogenic side effects that anabolic steroid users attempt to avoid or eliminate.


In a performance setting, standard Aromasin doses will normally be 12.5-25mg every other day. Most should be fine with 12.5mg every other day, with some getting by with only two to three doses per week. The individual’s total sensitivity and the composition of the steroid in cycle in question will dictate the final outcome. There will be, however, some who require a daily dose with as much as 25mg per day. This should be short lived and only continued as long as necessary due to the possible cholesterol issues. This type of use can prove very useful for the competitive bodybuilder 7-14 days leading up to the completion in an effort to come in as dry and hard as possible. But again, this full dose use is only used for a limited time.

How to use:

With assurance the primary purpose in-terms of function regarding Aromasin is its estrogen inhibiting effect but it further carries other characteristics of importance, especially to the performance enhancer. Like all aromatase inhibitors Aromasin has the ability to raise total testosterone levels in the body fairly decently; as you understand this is an added bonus as testosterone is one of the most important anabolic hormones of all if not the single most important. As it increases testosterone Aromasin also increases the production of IGF 1 in the body when present, a very powerful anabolic hormone in its own right. While this is increase will not prove to be of any great significance it is still worth noting.