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Utrogestan (Progesterone) – 30 tb/100 mg – LBI – expires 02/2024


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Utrogestan 100mg oral capsule is micronised progesterone. This is a natural progestogen hormone, derived from plants that are biochemically identical to the progesterone hormone produced by your ovaries. This is sometimes called a ‘body identical’ or ‘bioidentical’ hormone.

Utrogestan™, taken in combination with oestrogen, forms part of hormone replacement therapy – HRT.

The hormone oestrogen is needed to manage symptoms of the menopause. You can take it as a patch, gel, spray or tablet. Oestrogen taken by itself thickens the lining of the womb, increasing the risk of cancer of the womb. A progestogen hormone, like Utrogestan™, keeps the lining of the womb thin, reducing this risk.