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Sotahexal (Sotalol) – 20 tb/160 mg – Sandoz – expires 08/2027 (shipped from Spain)


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Sotolol is used to prevent and treat abnormal heart rhythms. Sotalol has several actions on the heart. It causes the heart rate to slow and reduces the amount of force the heart must contract with which reduces the amount of work the heart has to do and the amount of oxygen the heart requires. By making the heart less reactive to electrical impulses Sotalol can also prevent and treat abnormal heart rhythms.

Sotalol is given as a tablet and should be taken one to two hours before meals. The recommended initial dose of Sotalol is 160 mg daily, given in two divided doses. This dose may be gradually increased if necessary with at least 2-3 between dosing changes. The heart rhythm needs to be monitored when sotalol is first started and when doses are increased. Most patients achieve a good response with 160 – 320 mg/day, given in two divided doses. Some patients with life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms may require doses of up to 480 to 640 mg/day however there can be significant side effects at these doses.