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Sermorelin Acetate – 5 mg – Bio-Peptide – expires 2025 (shipped from Spain)


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The primary function of sermorelin is to restore growth hormone (GH) levels and delay the process of aging. In doing that, there are many secondary benefits experienced by the human body due to the Sermorelin administration:

Enhanced muscle growth
Efficient healing of wounds
Reduces body fat
Better sleep quality
Improves brain functioning
Cardiovascular growth

Research indicates that excess growth hormone can lead to the formation of collagen (a significant muscle protein) in tendons and skeletal muscles. This helps increase your muscle growth and bulking.

For beginners, the studied dosage is 50-100 mcg of Sermorelin before bedtime.

For intermediate and advanced users, 100-200 mcg of the peptide is advised.

However, for bodybuilding, the Sermorelin dosage is usually started above 500 mcg.