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Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) – 30 tb/20 mg – Deva – expires 01/2026 (shipped from Spain) – out of stock


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Tamoxifen, also known as Nolvadex, is one of the safest and most effective anti-estrogen products that is currently used by athletes and bodybuilders. Research has shown that tamoxifen is very proficient at preventing the development of gynecomastia and even treating already formed gynecomastia.


During a cycle, the tamoxifen dosage is between 10-20 mg per day while for post cycle therapy the recommended dose is anywhere between 10-30 mg per day.


Tamoxifen is used for the entire duration of a cycle and it can also be used in a post therapy cycle especially in conjunction with HCG (Pregnyl) and Clomiphene. It is therefore an indispensable product to have for any steroid related cycle.