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Jectera (alprostadil) – 10 mcg – Vem – expires 12/2024 (shipped from Spain)


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Alprostadil belongs to a class of medications known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins like alprostadil cause increased blood flow to certain areas of the body by causing the blood vessels in the area to widen.

In particular, an alprostadil injection causes increased blood flow to the penis. It allows more blood to flow into the penis and helps to produce an erection. Alprostadil is used to treat erectile dysfunction (also known as male impotence). The goal is to achieve erections that last up to one hour.

Alprostadil is given by injection into the blood-filled spaces of the penis. Your doctor will determine the appropriate dose of alprostadil by assessing the nature of the impotence. Your doctor will give an initial injection and then slowly increase the dose over the course of the next injections until the lowest dose for an effective erection is found. Erection should occur within 5 to 20 minutes after injection.

The initial dose of alprostadil is usually around 1.25 µg to 2.5 µg (depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction). The amount of medication will be increased until the lowest effective dose is reached. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 60 µg. Alprostadil should be used no more than once a day and no more than 3 times a week, with at least 24 hours between each dose.

If the erection lasts for 2 hours, try to reduce the erection by methods suggested by the doctor. A prolonged erection (3 hours or more) should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Do not inject alprostadil into an erect penis. Never increase or decrease the dose without consulting your doctor. Once the correct dose has been found, the first few injections will take place at your doctor’s office so you can learn how to inject the medication properly. Once your doctor is assured that you are comfortable with the procedure, you will be given a prescription for a kit to use at home.

Refer to the package insert for details on how to mix the medication and inject it properly. Everything you need to use the medication comes with the kit. It is important to visit your doctor regularly, at least once every 3 months during treatment, to ensure that the medication is working safely and effectively.