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Ivabradine (Coralan) – 56 tb/7.5 mg – Servier – expires 05/2024 (shipped from Spain)


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Ivabradine is a heart medication that is used in addition to other medications to treat stable, chronic (long-term) heart failure in adults who have a heart rate of 77 or more beats per minute. It reduces the heart rate by acting on specific cells in the heart that cause the heart muscle to contract, or “beat.” An increased heart rate is associated with increased hospital admissions and an increased risk of dying from heart failure.

The recommended starting dose of ivabradine is 5 mg taken by mouth, 2 times a day. After 2 weeks, the doctor may adjust your dose up or down, depending on how well the medication is working and side effects. The maximum dose of ivabradine should not be more than 7.5 mg taken 2 times a day.

Ivabradine should be taken once in the morning with food and again, 12 hours later in the evening with food. This medication should be taken with food, to get the best effect from each dose.