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GW0742 – 30 tb/10 mg – Vita Sarm – expires 02/2028 (shipped from Spain)


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Although it’s grouped with SARMs, GW0742 is a PPAR agonist. Its key function is to break down the fatty acids in your stored energy reserves to provide your body with extra energy. The method of action of GW7042 is almost identical to that of Cardarine, however, it is more powerful in its fat-burning action.

The majority of users follow a Cardarine dosage protocol. That would have you taking 10 mg per day as a beginner user and stepping it up to 25 mg per day as an advanced user. GW0742 should be cycled for between 8-12 weeks. You do not have to go on a PCT cycle after a cycle as the compound does not affect testosterone levels.