Furosemid (Lasix) – 30 tb/40 mg – Labormed – 07/2021


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Only buy this product if you know what you are doing. It can be very dangerous to use.

Many athletes who are in need of shedding water also use Lasix. This is a common diuretic used by bodybuilders shortly before competition. Some athletes also use it in an effort to meet a specific weight class before competition. However, while Lasix is extremely effective, use can also be extremely dangerous.

Effects of Lasix:

Once administered, Lasix will begin to push fluid from the body in approximately one hour at a high rate, and this expulsion will last for approximately 3-4 hours. The individual should expect heavy and frequent urination with Lasix use. In fact, urination can be so frequent many find it annoying. The individual should also expect a notable loss in body weight during this time. You will not be losing body fat, it will simply be fluid, but it can be enough to make a notable difference in your total body weight.
Side Effects of Lasix:

The side effects of Lasix can be harsh; in fact, we can in no way call this a side effect friendly compound. Further, it is one we cannot recommend in good conscious to athletes or bodybuilders, especially when far more tolerable diuretics are available. When used in a medical setting, the idea is to remove excess fluid. Dehydration is possible but generally unlikely as you’re merely removing excess. However, when used in a performance capacity, you are dehydrating your body, that’s the idea, to remove as much fluid as possible. This will in turn create a strong electrolyte imbalance and is something that must be monitored closely.

Lasix Administration:

In the treatment of high blood pressure, standard Lasix doses are normally around 40mg per day given twice per day. In the treatment of edema, standard Lasix doses can fall anywhere from 20-80mg per day.

For the performance athlete, there is no set standard Lasix dose. The total dosing can vary based on need and individual factors that surround the athlete. Many athletes will, however, find 20mg is a good place to start followed by another 20mg twelve hours later if needed. Very few if any should need more than 40g per day in total. Regardless of the specific dose, 2-3 days of use should be the maximum time frame of use for any athlete.