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Cyclo-Progynova – 21 tb (2mg/0,5 mg) – Bayer – expires 07/2026


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Cyclo-Progynova belongs to a group of medicines called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Cyclo-Progynova contains two hormones called estradiol (an oestrogen) and norgestrel (a progestogen).

Components: Estradiol valerate and norgestrel

Method of action: Endocrine Therapy, Estrogenic, Replenishment Of Estrogen Deficiency, Sex Hormones And Modulators Of The Genital System

Treatment option: Atrophic urethritis, Vaginal Atrophy, Hypogonadism, Hypoestrogenism, Menopause And Perimenopause, Osteoporosis, Primary Ovarian Failure