Cavinton Forte (vinpocetin) – 90 tb/10 mg – Gedeon – expires 03/2028 (shipped from Spain)


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Cavinton Forte belongs to the group of psychotropic drugs. With the component vinpocetin has a complex mechanism of action, favorable effects on brain metabolism and cerebral blood flow. Vinpocetin protects nerve cells and stimulates brain metabolism, improves cerebral microcirculation, selectively increases cerebral circulation.

Cavinton Forte drug is taken orally and is recommended to be taken after meals. Patients need to use the dose prescribed by the doctor, take the medicine at the correct dose and time as directed. In the absence of a doctor’s prescription, patients refer to the usual dose of 15 – 30 mg / day or 5 – 10 mg / time x 3 times / day. No dose adjustment is required for patients with liver or kidney disease.