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We are an online steroid and benzodiazepine shop specialized in high quality products from world renowned labs and pharmacies.
If you didn’t receive your order within a decent amount of time please contact us before leaving negative feedback. We can always work out a solution (reship or 50% refund).
If we don’t reply within 24 hours please send us a reminder. We get a lot of messages each day so we might overlook some due to this large volume.

***Terms and Conditions

  1. In case you are not satisfied with our service or the products don’t arrive on time or for whatever other reason please contact us via a private message and we can always find a solution to the problem. We are running a serious business and we are professionals so you can expect us to be very friendly and helpful in any situation.
  2. We offer a full reship or a 50% refund in case of seizure or loss of parcel. Futhermore, for seized parcels, you need to send us a photo of the customs letter to verify that the name/address matches. We consider a parcel lost when it has been in transit for more than 20 working days (Europe) and 30 working days (outside EU).
  3. Products are usually shipped in blisters although for certain countries with tough customs (usually outside EU) we sometimes remove the pills from blisters. If you want to order the products in the original packaging as well (boxes, instructions) please let us know in advance.
  4. Shipping to DHL Packstations is possible.
  5. If you choose a tracked shipping option you will probably have to sign for your order upon receiving it or when you pick it up at the postal office.
  6. Please keep in mind that if you place an order during the weekend it will only be shipped on Monday. Take that into account when calculating the delivery time. Also, during holidays postal services are overwhelmed with parcels and staff shortage so there will always be a delay of a few days in delivery time.
  7. We might mark the order as shipped even though we might actually send it a day later. This is to prevent LE from trying to identify our delivery pattern.
  8. Tracking information is available upon request. It’s imporant to remember that we can delay the release of the tracking code if we think it might jeopardize our security protocols or we might not release it at all, only in case of a dispute.
  9. The shipping prices are per order so if you want to order multiple items you only need to pay once per order. You can do this by selecting the corresponding shipping option (Domestic, European Union countries or Worldwide) for one item and for the rest of the items select the ‘Additional product’ option.
  10. We don’t do face to face or pick-up deliveries either, only through post. We also don’t accept return packages.
  11. We reserve the right to reject orders from customers that have negative feedback or we consider to be potential scammers.
  12. The only accepted payment method available is cryptocurrencies so no cash, paypal, money transfer, etc.
  13. Please make sure you send us your correct address. Name, street number and street name, postal code and city, country.
  14. Sometimes we receive several orders of the same product in a span of a few hours and we don’t have time to update our stock on all markets which means that we will contact you regarding an unavailable product and see if we can exchange it.
  15. By ordering from us you agree with the Terms and Conditions. It’s okay if you don’t read them as long as you are civil and we can work together in finding a solution.

***Shipping information:

Domestic Shipping to Holland (1/2 days) – Your order will be sent in an envelope that fits through the mailbox. No signature required. This shipping option is only available for residents of the Netherlands (requires a Dutch address).

Untracked Shipping to Europe (7/12 days) – Not all products can be shipped using this option. Bulky products like growth hormones, big injectables and some oral products (those that come in a plastic container) cannot be shipped using this option. Your order will be sent in an envelope that fits through the mailbox. No tracking and no signature required. If you use this option you will not be able to get a reship or a refund in case the order doesn’t arrive or gets seized. This is in order to prevent scammers from abusing the reship/refund policy. Only use it at your own risk and order small amounts.

Tracked Shipping to Europe (4/7 days) – Your order will be sent as a parcel with tracking. In some cases a signature will be required. This is the safest and fastest method for European customers.

Tracked Shipping to Worldwide (10/14 days) – Your order will be sent as a parcel with tracking. In some cases a signature will be required. This is the safest and fastest method for non-European customers.

Add additional product to your order – Use this option to add additional products to your order without having to pay twice for the main shipping option.


  1. I’m a beginner so what steroids should I use for building mass and gaining strength?

Testosterone and Anavar are a great option for beginners.

  1. I want to lose weight. What do you recommend?

There are several products that can help you with losing weight. Clenbuterol, Ephedryne, Cytomel (T3) and T4. We suggest you use Cytomel (T3) in combination with Anavar, Turanabol or Winstrol. Aditionally, if you can tolerate it, then Clenbuterol is also really efficient.

  1. Is it possible to help me create a steroid cycle?

Yes but only if you are serious about buying products. We’ve had a lot of back and forth conversations with potential customers that went on for days/weeks and no purchases were made. If you are serious get in contact with us and don’t forget to mention your goals and previous experience with using steroids.

  1. I’m looking for product ‘X’. Will you guys have it in stock in the future?

We’re always looking to expand our product variety so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t appear in the listings. The complete and updated list is available at Send us a message and we’ll see what we can do about it.